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                  Our company is located beside the scenic Taihu Lake---Wuxi, next to resorts such as Xihui Park, Turtle-Head Peninsula Park, Taihu Islands and Li Garden and so forth, which is near the Taihu Road. The traffic of it is very convenient.

                  Our company specializes in designing and manufacturing elevator cars and sightseeing-elevator cars, decorations of elevator cars, halls, car doors and lifts. We possess a stronger team of technology management and after-sale service and best production facilities. From the design and manufacture to products’ ex-factory, we go on strict examination, one linked closely to another, insisting on greater perfection of our products all the time.

                  Our company has long cooperated with and supported many domestic well-known elevator manufacturers. Particularly, the company is increasing the scale and improving its product quality by the cooperation. It raises its fame in the country and also wins great acclaim from clients, taking a better influence in major cities nationwide.

                  Our company welcomes all clients to call for consultancy at any time and visit our company. We’d like to sincerely cooperate with all new and old clients and develop and create a future together!

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